Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A special day for Pittsburg State University and the Community...

More than 1,000 gathered at Pittsburg State University’s new Bicknell Family Center for the Arts to cut a ceremonial ribbon and tour the $33 million hall this past Sunday. 

“More than anything, this day is a celebration of the spirit of this institution and this community,” said PSU President Steve Scott. “Without the support of our students and donors and the incredible work of our campus faculty and staff who helped design this beautiful structure, this day would have never arrived.”

The large gallery in the Bicknell Family Center of the Arts still has some steps to completion, but Chairperson and Museum of Art Director, Rhona McBain said, " We are ecstatic that this day has arrived. It will be a cultural and economic transformation for the community of Pittsburg. We are looking forward to our first exhibition in the new space. We are grateful to President Scott, Mr. Bicknell, the current donors and those that will step forward in future. It is truly a whole community bring our dreams to reality." 
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Friday, December 5, 2014

Cars, Cake, Competition, Celebration and of Course...ART

PSU faculty, S. Portico Bowman (Professor of Art, Department of Art) and Nico Prelogar, (Instructor, Automotive Technology) were paired together to provide the content of the ART470-81Art in the Automotive course.

"When I was presented with the course from Continuing Studies, I thought this is the perfect opportunity for collaboration between the Department of Art and the College of Technology. Learn about the art and design plus the technology and automotive...WOW...fantastic course!" saids Rhona McBain, Department of Art's Chairperson.

ART470-81Art in the Automotive fulfills the General Education Fine Art credit for the Bachelors Degree in the Applied Science of Automotive Technology, Pittsburg State University, College of Technology. It is also for many of the these non traditional students the completion of their program.

B. B. Stotts, Director of PSU Graduate and Continuing Studies, who has been working with the students says, "Each student has been working full time plus taking a online course and a traditional course each semester for the past three and half years. This includes courses in the summer time. The dedication and motivation of the students are amazing. "

Last night students taking ART470-81Art in the Automotive at Pittsburg State University's Kansas City Metro Center were in competition mode. The prize was the honor of winning the first place of the first ever Design competition, not to mention bragging rights for the semester's worth of work.

Dr. Karl Kunkel, Dean for the Arts & Sciences, and Dr. Bruce Dallman, Dean for the College of Technology, were on hand to judge the students projects. Each student displayed a drawing, written statement and 3 dimensional clay or polymer clay model based off of their drawing.

Congratulations to:
James Baker, Christopher Beals, Jeffery Brotherton, Roger Driscoll, Joseph Engle, Nick Gambill, Ricky Manhnieo, Amir Moradi, Ken Nelson, Donald Nunn, Andy Riedel, Patrick Ronfeldt, Kaleb Sherry

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Join us for Neil Lawley's Artist Lecture and Reception!

Artist Lecture:

December 4th, 2014, 2:00 - 3:00pm
Porter Hall Room 103



December 4th, 2014 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Porter Hall

Pittsburg State University will be hosting a reception to celebrate the exhibition, Point Clouds, in the Harry Krug Gallery. The artworks of sculptor Neil Lawley have been on display in since August 25, 2014. Lawley will present an artist talk Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 2:00pm with the reception to follow.

Lawley’s use of reclaimed lumber and other construction materials aims to evoke the interrelated nature of all things, machined and natural, falling into similarities to Biology, succulent plants, anatomy, molecules, and cloud formations.

Lawley gives his viewer a visible sense of the connections made within the mind. Creating curved shapes from the rigid materials, Lawley acknowledges the contradictions of forms and materials. The use of reclaimed materials is purposeful on two levels: one to imbue the work with a sense of history, and two to preserve the environment at hand, by not participating in destructive consumer models.

By constructing a skeletal structure with smooth connections, Lawley exposes the making process and integration of the forms. Each intersection captures a moment of decision-making as the process is often free form, with only a general concept and materials at hand.

Lawley received his MFA in Studio Art – Sculpture from Southern Methodist University, his BFA in Studio Art – Ceramics and a BGS in Engineering/Art at the University of Texas at Tyler and is AS in Pre-Engineering at Trinity Valley Community College. Currently he is an Assistant Professor of Art at Missouri Western State University.
This week is the last chance for people to see the Point Clouds exhibition. The exhibition closes on December 4, 2014.

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8am - 9:30pm
Friday: 8am - 4:30pm


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Senior Art Fair

Pittsburg State University Art Department’s
Senior Art Fair

Wednesday, December 3rd
Porter Hall
2nd Floor Gallery

The PSU Art Department’s 1st annual Senior Art Fair will showcase the work of fourteen undergraduate artists working in a wide range of media including painting, ceramics, jewelry, illustration, photography, printmaking and more! Artwork, handmade crafts, and other items created by each artist will be available for purchase in the 2nd floor gallery of Porter Hall on Wednesday, December 3rd, from 10am-12pm.

This art fair is an opportunity for our senior art students to show off the work they have created over the course of their studies here at PSU, and for them to engage with the community as artists and businesspeople. The event is the culmination of the Senior Art Seminar, a course in which students learn important skills in marketing and business strategies for artists. Senior Art Seminar students have spent the past semester building their personal brand by designing promotional material, creating websites and portfolios of their artwork, and connecting with online communities through social media.

Assistant Professor Emmalyn Gennis is the instructor for the Senior Art Seminar course. “This is a great chance for the community to get to know our students and the work that they do, and to be able to take home a piece of art with them,” she said. “I’ve been impressed with what I have seen the students creating for this event; they will have a wide range of items for sale, such as toys, cards, and art prints, that would make excellent holiday gifts.”

The artists presenting and selling their work at the fair include Lisa Bogart, Jacqueline Denton, April Huninghake, Jared Jennings, Catherine Jepson, Jeremy Kelly, Rebekah Parrish, Rudi Rodebush, Sylvia Schultze, Jenna Spencer, Kelli Carter, Kendra Wallace, Emily Westhoff, and Nanxuan Zheng.

For more information please contact:

Emmalyn Gennis at 620-235-4300 or

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Join us this Friday for Assembly Required: Pittsburg State University Department of Art Faculty Exhibition

Exhibition Dates:November 18, 2014 - January 23, 2015

November 21, 2014 4:00-6:00 pm

Nine artists working in a wide range of media including painting, ceramics, mixed-media and metals will display recently created works, some on view for the first time, in the University Gallery of Porter Hall from the 18th of November, 2014 through the 23rd of January, 2015.

There will be a reception to meet the artists on the 21st of November from 4pm – 6pm.

The purpose of this exhibition is to celebrate Pittsburg State University’s Department of Art faculty as professional working artists and to recognize the many routes they have taken to come together as a group to inspire students toward what is often difficult to communicate — self-discovery, imagination and tenacity. The exhibition’s title Assembly Required reflects this thought and also stems from an artist’s need to critically realize the ideas he/she wants to express through art.

Beyond the importance of the show itself, it is of note for another reason. The 2014 Assembly Required Faculty Exhibition will be the last of the biannual faculty exhibitions to be hosted in the University Gallery in Porter Hall.

The next Faculty Exhibition will be in the large gallery space located in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts. Department of Art Chairperson Rhona McBain sees the last faculty show in Porter Hall as an opportunity to celebrate PSU and community support of the arts, “It is something of which to be proud. We have always loved having the Faculty Exhibition in the gallery located where we teach our students and make artwork. But we are so excited about looking toward the future. We have a wonderful new gallery space coming in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts, we have wonderful students and alumni that are making that space possible.”

The artists represented in the exhibition include: S. Portico Bowman, Emmalyn Gennis, Malcolm E. Kucharski, Janet Lewis, Josie Mai, Rhona McBain, Deann Norris, James Oliver, and Marjorie Schick. 

More articles about this exhibit:

For more information, contact McBain at 620-235-4302,, or visit the website,