Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Alumni has a little fun making the Groom's Gift

Saying "I Do" to an artist has a unique bonus. When Gage Cowan asked Janelle Kranker to be his bride we are pretty sure he was not expecting to receive such an amazing groom's gift. Janelle Cowan (lucky couple married on August 24, 2013) set to work using some of the skill sets she learned at Pittsburg State University as a commercial art major to make Cage's unique gift.

Made from Polymer clay this handsome fella took Janelle some time to get just right. She came back to the Department of Art to share it with us when she did. Enjoy!

Janelle & Gage

Sunday, March 16, 2014

PSU Department of Art & ArtFeeds for Spring Break...


March 20, 21 

Message from ArtFeeds- Reschedule for mural. NO mural painting on Wednesday, March 19th! Just Thursday and Friday. Please spread the word.

Come volunteer this week as we go help paint a mural with ArtFeeds in Joplin! 

We will be meeting in front of Porter Hall at 9a.m. Do not have a transportation? That's why we carpool. 

Have no painting experience? Do not worry. This is a group project. It is about volunteering for a great cause and using ART to do it!

WHY SHOULD YOU? This mural...
  • Helps a community.
  • Helps the environment.
  • Helps you meet cool art people. 
  • Helps YOUR resume.
  • Helps you from being bored during Spring Break.

WANT TO SEE HOW IT TURNS OUT? Check back here for pictures of our PSU folks helping out!

Friday, March 28th - Student Artist Presentations

Come join us for some wonderful artist presentations! 

Friday, March 28th in Room 409 of Russ Hall at Pittsburg State University from 4pm to 7pm.  

Students in the Department of Art will be delivering lectures are Amanda Fitzpatrick, Jacob Miller, Amanda Scott, Blane Siebert, Kimberly Smart, and Rose Thornhill. 

The purpose of these lectures is for the students to discuss and explain their own work and what motivates them to pursue careers as professional artists. Any who are interested may attend for some of any lecture, or all of the lectures.

Amanda Fitzpatrick’s lecture is titled “Ab Imaginatione Artificis.” She is a Commercial Art major and specializes in a combination of 2D illustration and 3D sculpture and 3D graphics, and her goal is to work for Blue Sky Studios or another studio like them, creating character designs and models for use in films.

Jacob Miller’s lecture is titled “Monsters, Men, and the Untamed Wilds.” He is a Commercial Art major and specializes in 2D illustration and character design and hopes to eventually create and use his designs in the creation of video games.

Amanda Scott’s lecture is titled “Ostriches Uncut.” She is a Commercial Art major specializing in 2D illustration and character design and eventually intends to work for Pixar and to design and create characters for their films and shorts.

Blane Siebert’s lecture is titled “Come Ride With Me.” He is a Commercial Art major and specializes in 2D design and illustration and intends to eventually create his own snowboard company where he designs the boards’ graphics.

Kimberly Smart’s lecture is titled “Oh My Goodness Clay! What Would Granny Say!” She is a 3D Art major and specializes in ceramics, taking inspiration from various other artists and her own Native American heritage and intends to continue her education and teach others in the methods of creating professional quality ceramics.

Rose Thornhill’s lecture is titled “Playing with Pixels.” She is a Commercial Art major specializing in digital arts, specifically 2D illustration and uses her work to tell a narrative through comics and animation.

Curious what goes into a artist presentation? 
Each student’s lecture will discuss the thought processes and inspiration behind their artwork over the years. They will discuss their goals and aspirations regarding what career path they intend to follow with their work.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

iPad for the Artist Class

The "iPad for Artists" class has been integrating multiple apps to to create images. Within these images, they were given several compositional parameters related to a carnival...child, carnival food, carnival toy, carnival landscape. 

Here are how two student solutions... The images were created by Rudi Rodebush and Hannah Coward using the apps ProCreate and Art Rage.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

IT IS BACK!!! ID Series Rescheduled for Monday, March 10th.

Department of Art ID Series: Rescheduled March 10th with a few Tweaks... 
Dr. Triplett will be speaking between 12 - and 1:30 p.m. (instead of 10a.m.)
Mr. Kennedy will be speaking between 12 - and 1:30 p.m. (instead of 10:30a.m.)

Chad Erpelding (University Gallery Exhibiting Artist) will be speaking via live feed skype at 7p.m.

The Department will also be hosting Katherine Strause, a visiting artist from Arkansas, at 10a.m. 

Monday, March 3, 2014


Spring Interdisciplinary Lecture Series Events scheduled for Feb. 24, 2014 have been postponed. Check back for further updates on rescheduled talks. Stay Warm!