Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Better Homes and Bathrooms Exhibition Opening this Thursdsay!

A collaboration between Nicole Meyer-Foresman’s Advanced Art Class from Girard High School and PSU’s S. Portico Bowman’s DesignII class will be on view in Porter Hall Thursday December 8 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm during the Art Department Holiday party.  

The GHS students have been working since October building a bathroom out of giant pieces of foam inspired by the imagination of Dr. Seuss, whereas the PSU students have been building kitchen appliances out of cardboard after the work of British sculptor Chris Gilmour.  PSU students have been in communication with Mr. Gilmour who will at the end of the semester decide if “he likes their work.”  If he does a portion of the final project points that students can be earned will increase.

                                                                  Chris Gilmour Website

BIKES (installation view) cardboard and glue 2003© Chris Gilmour

The Girard High School students and their objects are: Sarah Valentine/Karley Kindberg: Toilet Cassidy Verska/Leah Rogers: Shower Sydney Kindberg/Courtney Page: Sink

And the PSU Design II class students and their objects are: Jennifer Clark: Mixer, JD Dryden: Fridge, Darin Keen: Margarita Mixer Elysia Kim: Blender, Abby McCoy: Meat Grinder, Ross Schartel: Coffee Maker Jenna Spencer: Stove, Emily Westhoff: Microwave