Monday, February 3, 2014

New Class takes a look at the Art of Inking

Student Work Example
Students in Art 470. Drawing with Ink are learning to bring their art to life through nib pens. While the class is made up of students from many different art disciplines, the majority took the class due to the comic applications of inking. 

Comics have been around far longer then the computer so it certainly helps to know how to make your own the traditional way. Traditionally, comic book drawing is handled in two steps. First, an artist draws the figures, backgrounds and elements, using a pencil. Then an inker goes over the drawing, making his own enhancements and defining the final look of the panel. Knowing how to ink involves a combination of technique, instinct and proper equipment. 

It also helps to have an instructor trained and working in the industry such as Emi Gennis.  "Her area of expertise is comics and she has a lot of experience in the industry." says third year Commercial Art student, David Bush. 
Emi Gennis (Department of Art Faculty) 

Student Work Example