Sunday, March 16, 2014

PSU Department of Art & ArtFeeds for Spring Break...


March 20, 21 

Message from ArtFeeds- Reschedule for mural. NO mural painting on Wednesday, March 19th! Just Thursday and Friday. Please spread the word.

Come volunteer this week as we go help paint a mural with ArtFeeds in Joplin! 

We will be meeting in front of Porter Hall at 9a.m. Do not have a transportation? That's why we carpool. 

Have no painting experience? Do not worry. This is a group project. It is about volunteering for a great cause and using ART to do it!

WHY SHOULD YOU? This mural...
  • Helps a community.
  • Helps the environment.
  • Helps you meet cool art people. 
  • Helps YOUR resume.
  • Helps you from being bored during Spring Break.

WANT TO SEE HOW IT TURNS OUT? Check back here for pictures of our PSU folks helping out!