Friday, December 5, 2014

Cars, Cake, Competition, Celebration and of Course...ART

PSU faculty, S. Portico Bowman (Professor of Art, Department of Art) and Nico Prelogar, (Instructor, Automotive Technology) were paired together to provide the content of the ART470-81Art in the Automotive course.

"When I was presented with the course from Continuing Studies, I thought this is the perfect opportunity for collaboration between the Department of Art and the College of Technology. Learn about the art and design plus the technology and automotive...WOW...fantastic course!" saids Rhona McBain, Department of Art's Chairperson.

ART470-81Art in the Automotive fulfills the General Education Fine Art credit for the Bachelors Degree in the Applied Science of Automotive Technology, Pittsburg State University, College of Technology. It is also for many of the these non traditional students the completion of their program.

B. B. Stotts, Director of PSU Graduate and Continuing Studies, who has been working with the students says, "Each student has been working full time plus taking a online course and a traditional course each semester for the past three and half years. This includes courses in the summer time. The dedication and motivation of the students are amazing. "

Last night students taking ART470-81Art in the Automotive at Pittsburg State University's Kansas City Metro Center were in competition mode. The prize was the honor of winning the first place of the first ever Design competition, not to mention bragging rights for the semester's worth of work.

Dr. Karl Kunkel, Dean for the Arts & Sciences, and Dr. Bruce Dallman, Dean for the College of Technology, were on hand to judge the students projects. Each student displayed a drawing, written statement and 3 dimensional clay or polymer clay model based off of their drawing.

Congratulations to:
James Baker, Christopher Beals, Jeffery Brotherton, Roger Driscoll, Joseph Engle, Nick Gambill, Ricky Manhnieo, Amir Moradi, Ken Nelson, Donald Nunn, Andy Riedel, Patrick Ronfeldt, Kaleb Sherry