Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pitt State Art Student Restores Letterpress Units

With tremendous gratitude to Cat Jepson for her dedicated and passionate efforts restoring three abandoned and unused letterpress units, Darah Miller, Jessica Switzer, Hannah Coward, Mattie Parrigon, Jessica Purevich, Gretchen Burns and Jerel Toler, experienced the joy and addictive pleasure of fine art letterpress creativity. These students are enrolled in the "Printmaking, Papermaking, Bookarts and the Letterpress" class, taught by Professor S. Portico Bowman. 

Because of Ms. Jepson's unswerving and fearless research along with a generous $3000 Research Grant from Dr. Pawan Kahol and the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies, PSU's Department of Art joins the renaissance of fine art letterpress printing that is sweeping the globe. 30,000 letterpress
artists enjoy venues on Etsy, and 3,500 of them enjoy their own letterpress studios.  

The Department of Art extends a warm thank you to Cat Jepson for her hard work. A celebration and open house event will take place on December 8 at 11:00 am in Room 201 Porter Hall. Everyone is invited to attend.

Read more about Ms. Jepson's work in the Department of Art Letterpress Studio in The Collegio.