Monday, January 25, 2016

Student Work from last semester's Soft Sculpture class

This past semester, Professor S. Portico Bowman lead the inaugural group of her new Soft Sculpture class. The class was created as part of the new direction of the art curriculum, which is now structured around courses on special topics that allow students to explore particular media and processes in depth. 

Professor Bowman's course was divided into four parts with themes of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. With each of those categories students were taught techniques, such a earth casting, sewing, felting, knitting, and paper-making. Students created a project inspired by each element that used one of the techniques. Additionally, the class also created a community service project and visited Guest Home Estates.  

"I think this was a good class for us as a department to create," says Bowman, adding, "I think I had a great group of students that helped make it so..."

This new course is part of a new structure for the art department that includes special topics courses for upper level students. For a full list of the courses offered by the art department, check the Schedule of Classes.