Friday, March 11, 2011

Celebration in Porter Hall

Dr. Li-Lin Tseng (PSU Dept. of Art's Art Historian) speaking about the Hot - Cold faculty exhibition
Listening to Dr. Tseng's Talk
In the Harry Krug Gallery,  Collective Fusion Exhibition
In the University Gallery, Hot - Cold Faculty Exhibition

Thursday night's festivities were a big success. People from many areas of the Pittsburg State University community were in attendance to celebrate the recent renovations to Porter Hall. The construction span two years and many different people came forward to make sure art was still being made and students were still provided an environment accessible for learning during that time.

“They’ve updated so many things, and we thought we should highlight that,” said Jamie Oliver, associate professor in art. “We wanted to have an event for the people who remembered the building previously, to show them everything that has been done.”
The Open House highlighted the personal work of art faculty, the artistic creations of the PSU community, as well as show off the $2.2 million in building updates (including new paint and lighting, windows and doors, roofing and mechanical systems).  The celebration also included remarks from Randy Roberts, PSU University archivists, and Dr. Li-Lin Tseng, PSU Art Historian,  as well as music by Reena Natenberg and Patrick Howle, Luis Reyes at the piano.  Quartet performance with Ramiro Miranda, Stephen Gedert, violins; Luis Reyes, viola; Irene Diaz Gill, cello.
 “For me, this is one of our highlights of the year,” said Art Chairwoman Rhona Shand, whose work in digital mixed media will be on display. “This isn’t bringing in a world-renowned artist, but it’s seeing who is an artist in our community. This opening is a way to say thank you and see some special gifts from the people sharing their work with us.There are so many people that are coming out of the woodwork to exhibit with us and show what they do and then it is also just a great celebration of PSU.”
If you were not able to make it out on Thursday, "Hot-Cold" runs through April 7th amd "Collective Fusion" runs through April 12th. 

“Hot-Cold” a show displaying the recent works of faculty members Rhona Shand, Marjorie Schick, Malcolm E. Kucharski, James Oliver and S. Portico Bowman, will run in the University Gallery.
“Collective Fusion” a show including works by multiple PSU faculty, staff and friends of the gallery, will be displayed in the Harry Krug Gallery. The exhibit will  featuring the artwork of, Cynthia Allan, Mark Barnes, Helen Beare, Jill Campbell Debbi Fischer, Steve Ford, Dave Gordon, Lindell Haverstic, Roy Janisch, Larry Jump, Harry Krug, Suzanne Lindsay, Phil McNew, James McBain, Ann Meats, Camille Olcese, Holly Page, Nikki Patrick, Chuck Rickel, Russ Rosmait, Paul Smith, and Rebecca White.