Monday, March 14, 2011

Department of Art Student Wins National Competition

"By using Pittsburg State University ROTC pictures I depicted the transformation of a cadet as they went from civilian to Officer." - Anson Pruneda

Thanks to the work of a talented student artist, PSU ROTC will soon have one mean, tricked-out machine to drive around over the coming year. Anson Pruneda, a senior art major who works as a student administrative assistant in the Department of Military Science, has won a national competition to design a vehicle wrap for a Humvee. Because Pruneda won, PSU ROTC will have the use of the Humvee, complete with Pruneda's design, for a year.

Pruneda said it doesn't bother him that he won't be the one behind the wheel.

"I got to design something that goes ON A HUMMER!" Pruneda said "It's one of the biggest, broadest canvases out there, besides a van or a box truck. I also got a lot of satisfaction out of doing the design because I never thought about creating anything like that before. Now that it's actually going to be printed and applied, it makes me want to do more."

Pruneda gives some of the credit for the success of his design, which he calls "Evolution of an Officer," to Shirley Beer, human resources assistant for the department. "Shirley actually came up with the idea for the theme," Pruneda said.

The design, which covers both sides and the front and rear portions of the vehicle, includes photographs of various aspects of an ROTC cadet's life, culminating in a salute delivered at commissioning.

Lt. Col. Don Stoner, chairman of the Military Science Department, said the combination of the vehicle and Pruneda's design will make an excellent recruitment tool.
"Anson did a great job capturing the spirit and pride of the Army ROTC Gorilla Battalion," Stoner said.
Pruneda said he understands the wrap is in the process of being fabricated and applied to the vehicle, which should be delivered before he graduates in May.

"I'm just super stoked that its going to be on a vehicle and I'll get to touch it and feel it and see my work roll around campus," Pruneda said.