Thursday, May 15, 2014

Current PSU Student enjoys a journey to the past

Department of Art's student Catherine Jepson blog describes herself as "A young artist searching for anything to suffice her curiosity of that one thing we all have in common and all struggle with, life. In the process, we should all enjoy the journey, one day at a time". Over the past couple of years, we agree her curiosity has successfully managed to take her on an amazing journey. It was undertaken due to what started out as an outrageously colored printing press. 
Although the press is restored Cat's journey is not complete. She will be doing an internship this summer at Skylab Letterpress in Kansas City. You can read about the restoration of the press and internship via her blog:

xThursday, August 22, 2013:
 "Vandercook No. 2 Proof Press, Made only by Vandercook & Sons, Chicago U.S.A." This is the information that I could find on the press itself. After a quick google search, I have found that this press is from either 1934 or 1935 and obviously not painted bright blue in its original state. 

"With great excitement, my goal is to get it cleaned up and running so students in the future can use it."