Friday, April 25, 2014

Department of Art BETA Toy Design Course to Unveil work in Toy Sale

TOY SALE:  Beta Toy Design Class

Congrats PSU Toy Design Students and Department of Art Faculty Portico Bowman. They sold out! Made over $300 for SafeHouse!

Pittsburg State University Student Toy Sale -

The shop closed up shop at 12:45. Nothing left to sell!

Polymer Toy by Amanda Fitzpatrick
(Commercial Art Student)
The Department of Art is pleased to present a Toy Sale from the toys produced in the Beta Toy Design Class developed by Associate Professor of Art, S. Portico Bowman along with Assistant Professor Norm Philipp, P. E. from the School of Construction. 

Toys, books and games created by Amber Baumgartner, DJ Bush, Amanda Fitzpatrick, Jake Geither, Cat Jepson, Blane Siebert and Chris Vanderbeck were be available for viewing and purchase.  Proceeds from the sale were be given to SafeHouse Crisis Center.

Throughout the semester students have studied the mechanics of toy making such as how to make things move, the philosophy and psychology of toys and the purpose of play, while looking at the toy industry to analyze trends and 

marketing strategies with an eye to pitfalls and toy making practices that could be challenged and changed.

Norm Philipp introduced many of the engineering concepts and aided in the development and production of components prepared on the 3D Printer.   Emi Gennis provided insight into character development and Rhona Shand provided information on the practice of independent licensing.  Plans for further Toy Design classes include internship liaisons with a variety of toy manufacturers, and participation in the Mystery Build Kit.

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For more information contact:
S. Portico Bowman
620-235-4305 or 620-235-4302