Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alumni Spotlight - Fun and Games with Alumni Ken Hogan

The Pilgrimage by Inkmech (Ken Hogan)
Gessarite by Inkmech (Ken Hogan)
Alumni Ken Hogan has been busy since he graduated from Pittsburg State University Department of Art as a commercial art major. Ken was selected to go to graduate school at Guild Hall at SMU in Dallas, Tx. 

"Ken wanted to be in the gaming industry. We knew that the best way to accomplish his career goals was to successfully get Ken into a top animation and gaming graduate program. Guild Hall at SMU was where Ken set his sights. I was so proud when we heard he was accepted." - Rhona Shand, Chairperson and Ken's Commercial Art advisor and faculty instructor. 

Ken now get to lives his dream. He is employed at Nerd Kingdom...and yes, he is making video games. Ken also freelances as a concept artist and illustrator with his own business, Inkmech, LLC. 

You can find more of Ken's work at:

"PSU Art Department was the start of my journey towards a career in Art.  It helped cultivate my artistic sensibilities." 
Link to the Future by Inkmech (Ken Hogan)
"PSU also taught me what it would take to make it in the industry." - Ken Hogan