Thursday, April 24, 2014

Comic Fantasy

Pittsburg State University Department of Art Comics: Theory & Practice Course prepares anthology-style mini comic for students to enjoy. 

Students enrolled in the Comics: Theory & Practice course are currently working on their final projects. Comics: Theory & Practice is a new special topics course offered by the art department this spring, taught by instructor Emmalyn Gennis.

The final project for the class asks students to write and draw their own four-page story that will, upon completion, be collected into a small book or "minicomic" for the students to enjoy. The students voted on a theme for this anthology-style comic earlier in the semester and agreed upon "Fantasy," which they felt could be broadly interpreted to accommodate their many different storytelling styles. 

Max Rinkel works with Wacom tablet. 
For this project, students are allowed to use any traditional or digital media they choose to create their comics. Many of the students are applying skills they have learned in the Drawing With Ink course, another special topics course offered by the department this semester. 

As an assignment earlier in the course, students had to design and create a cover for the book that will be the product of these final projects, and voted on whose design would actually be used when it is printed at the end of the semester. The winner of the cover design competition assignment was Mattie Parrigon, a Commercial Art major.

Mattie Parrigon hard at work on a new page.