Monday, April 25, 2016

Read an Interview with Professor Emeritus Marjorie Schick on Art Jewelry Forum

Art Jewelry Forum recently published an interview of Pitt State's own Marjorie Schick by artist/designer Matt Lambert. Schick creates bold and colorful wearable art, and has taught in Pitt State's Department of Art for nearly 50 years. Lambert begins the interview, titled "Who's Afraid of Marjorie Schick?," by describing Schick's work:

"Gaudy. Oversized. Humorous. 'So American.' Marjorie Schick has been making louder work than anyone else in the field for the last 55 years. She also worked with performance as early as 1977, and tested the idea of integrating wearable elements into static, sculptural objects before everyone else, while also flirting with the vernacular of fashion. Today, she stands as a model of fearlessness for a younger generation of jewelers interested in the radical scale and colors of her work."

Read the entire interview on the Art Jewelry Forum website.