Monday, April 4, 2016

Slipcasting in Pitt State Sculptural Ceramics Class

Slipcasting is a technique that allows sculptors and ceramicists to make multiple copies of the same object. As plaster mould is created, into which clay can be poured to create a cast of that mould. A few years ago, faculty member S. Portico Bowman attended a moldmaking and slipcasting workshop hosted by Bracker's ceramics and led by world renowned artist Andrew Martin. She is now bringing this technique to students in PSU ceramic classes, along with Professor Malcolm Kucharski, who has perfected our slip casting recipe. Below are images of undergraduate students Whitney Reeves and Redd Williams exploring the technique for Bowman's Sculptural Ceramics class.

Whitney (left) has plans for a multi-tiered sculpture and Redd (right) will create an installation piece.